• Country: Russia
  • State: Krasnoyarsk Territory
  • County: Bolshemurtinskij r-n
  • City: pgt Bolshaya Murta
  • Street, House: ul Partizanskaya, dom 96
  • Postcode: 663060
  • Site: http://murta.krk.sudrf.ru
  • Phone: (39-198)3-21-60
  • Longitude: 93.134652
  • Latitude: 56.911805

Territorial jurisdiction of the Bolshemurtinsky District Court
Bolshemurtinsky District (municipal district) of the Krasnoyarsk Territory of Russia: the urban settlement of the Bolshaya Murta settlement (Bolshaya Murta urban settlement), village councils (rural settlements) Aytatsky (village of Aytat, village of Maly Kantat), Bartatsky (village of Bartat, villages of Verkh-Podyomnaya, Tigino), Verkh-Kazansky (village of Verkh-Kazanka, village of Kazanka), Elovsky (village of Buzunovo, village of Elovka), Entaulsky (the village of Entaul, the village of Krasnye Klyuchi, the village of Mikhailovka), Mezhovsky (the village of Mezhovo, the villages of Lakino, Mostovskoye, Verkhobrodovo, Khmelevo), Predivinsky (the village of Kozmo-Demyanovka, the village of Pokrovka, the village of Predivinsk, the village of Troitskoye), Razdolnensky (the village of Lugovskoye, the village of Orlovka, the village of Razdolnoye, the village of Chernyaevka, the village of Yazaevka), Russian (the villages of Bolshoy Kantat, Minsk, Pier, the village of Rossiyka), Talovsky (the villages of Malorossiyka, Muratovo, the village of Talovka), Yukseevsky (the villages of Beregovaya-Podyomnaya, Koma rovo, Pakul, the village of Yukseevo).

Working hours, schedule of reception of citizens in the public reception of the court
Monday - Thursday
9:00 - 18:00
9:00 - 16:45
Lunch break
13:00 – 13:45
The organization of the daily reception of citizens is entrusted to the leading specialist Khilai Lilia Andreevna
Phone: 8(39198) 31-1-62
Fax: 8 (39198) 32-1-60

Court contact information
Inquiry phone: 8(39198) 31-1-62, 32-1-60
Fax: 8(39198) 31-2-97, 32-1-60
Hotline of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Court: (391) 286-93-29, 8-953-586-93-29

Composition of the court
code 8-39198
Chairman of the court Dmitrenko Leonid Yurievich 31-2-97 (Appointed as chairman of the Bolshemurtinsky District Court by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 506 of October 23, 2017)
Assistant to the Chairman of the Court Kolosova Natalya Yuryevna 31-2-97
Secretary of the court session Shumikhina Marina Valerievna 31-2-97
Judge Laktyushina Tatyana Nikolaevna 31-0-45 (Appointed as a judge of the Bolshemurtinsky District Court by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 506 of October 23, 2017)
Secretary of the court session Korovenkova Olga Nikolaevna 31-0-45
Administrator of the court Lisitsky Andrey Nikolaevich
Leading specialist Khilai Lilia Andreevna 31-1-62
Assistant judge Zakharova Lyudmila Sergeevna 32-1-60 (fax)
Specialist 2nd category Fenikova Elena Viktorovna 31-1-62

Maintaining the site
Responsibility for preparing and updating information posted on the Internet site of the Bolshemurtinsky District Court of the Krasnoyarsk Territory is assigned to the leading specialist of the court Khilai L. A.
An editorial board has been created to ensure collection, preparation and placement of information on the website of the Bolshemurtinsky District Court of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, consisting of:
leading specialist of the court Khilai L.A.,
administrator of the court Ikkert V.V.,
secretary of the court Zakharova L.S .

You can find out about vacancies in the Bolshemurtinsky District Court of the Krasnoyarsk Territory on the website usd. krk. sudrf. Common crawl en Office of the Judicial Department in the Krasnoyarsk Territory in the section "Civil Service" in the subsection "Information on vacancies".

Inquiry phone: 8(39198) 31-1-62
Fax: 8(39198)32-1-60

Requisites for the transfer to the budget system of the Russian Federation of the state fee in cases considered in courts of general jurisdiction, justices of the peace, administered by the tax authorities in the Krasnoyarsk Territory:
Recipient's bank: Branch of the Tula Bank of Russia // UFK in the Tula region, Tula, BIK: 017003983; Account number of the beneficiary's bank (number of the bank account included in the single treasury account (TSA) 40102810445370000059; Beneficiary's account: 03100643000000018500; Recipient: TIN 7727406020, KPP 770801001, Department of the Federal Treasury for the management of the Tula region tax) ; KBK 18210803010011050110, OKTMO 04610151.

Requisites for paying the state fee when filing a cassation appeal with the Eighth Court of Cassation of General Jurisdiction

Name payment State duty to courts of general jurisdiction
Name of the payee UFK for the Kemerovo region (Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia for the city of Kemerovo)
KPP 420501001
TIN of the tax authority and its name 4205002373
OKTMO code 32701000
Payee's account number 40101810400000010007
Bank name Kemerovo branch
BIC 043207001
Budget Classification Code (BCC) 18210803010011000110

The current legislation allows for the possibility of settling disputes out of court with the assistance of an independent professional intermediary (mediator), as part of the mediation procedure.
The mediation procedure provides the parties with the opportunity to resolve a dispute that has arisen between them, taking into account the mutual interests of the parties. Such a solution to the dispute is not always obvious, but always effective, since it is mutually beneficial for the parties, and each of the parties is interested in its implementation.
The mediation procedure also allows you to maintain partnership, friendly, respectful relations, saves financial costs and allows you to find a solution as soon as possible.
Mediation is confidential. A professional mediator ensures the confidentiality of information received from the parties, cannot be forced to provide this information and is not subject to interrogation as a witness.
In mediation, it is also important that the parties control the decision-making process, without their consent, the dispute will not be resolved. The main task of the mediator is to organize effective negotiations, identify the mutual interests of the parties, assist them in finding and securing a solution that meets the interests of both parties.
The parties may jointly apply to the mediator, or one of the parties may apply to the mediator with an instruction to invite the other party. The court also explains to the parties the right to apply for mediation and may invite the parties to resort to it.
The current legislation recognizes the binding nature of the agreement reached by the parties and even allows for the possibility of giving it the means of enforcement.
As part of the mediation procedure, disputes arising from civil, family, labor relations can be settled, both before going to court and after going to court, at any stage of the case.
The mediation procedure (dispute settlement with the participation of an independent mediator) is allowed in cases arising from civil, family, labor (except for collective labor disputes) legal relations, in particular, in cases of determining the procedure for using property, establishing the boundaries of land plots, section of hereditary property, on the division of jointly acquired property, on determining the place of residence of the child, the procedure for communicating with him and participating in his upbringing in case of dissolution of the marriage of parents, etc.
The mediation procedure cannot be applied when public interests are affected (for example , cases arising from public law relations, tax, pension disputes, etc.), as well as affecting the interests of third parties not participating in the mediation procedure.
The mediation procedure can also be started on the initiative of one of the parties who has applied to the mediator, with subsequent involvement in the mediation process of other persons participating in the case, by using the mediator's appropriate techniques (communicative, negotiation, etc.)
The result of mediation procedures may be a refusal to file a lawsuit (application), withdrawal of an application, waiver of the stated requirements, recognition of a claim, conclusion of a settlement agreement, leaving the application without consideration due to the non-appearance of the parties.
Today in Krasnoyarsk there is a mediation center at the Siberian Federal University. Professional mediators of this center conduct the mediation procedure free of charge.
The center is located at the address: Krasnoyarsk, st. Maerchaka, d. 6, k. 1-05. The phone number of the Center is 221-03-17.
Internet page of the center www. law. sfu-kras. ru/mediation-center/about-the-center.