• Country: Russia
  • State: Stavropol Territory
  • County: Andropovskij r-n
  • City: s Kursavka
  • Street, House: ul Stratijchuka, dom 126A
  • Postcode: 357070
  • Site: http://andropovsky.stv.sudrf.ru
  • Phone: (86556)6-17-80
  • Longitude: 42.495865
  • Latitude: 44.461508

Andropovsky District Court
Andropovsky District (municipal district): Alekseevskoye village, Verkhniy Kalaus farm, Verkhniy Yankul village, Vesyoliy farm, Vododiv village , the village of Vorovskolesskaya, the villages of Dubovaya Balka, Kazinka, the villages of Kaskadny, Kian, the villages of Kiankiz, Kian-Podgornoye, Krasnoyarsk, Krymgireevsky, the Kunakovsky farm, the villages of Kursavka, Kurshava, the Nizhnekolinsky farm, the village of Nizhny Yankul, the Nikolayevsky farm, the villages of Novy Yankul, Ovrazhny, the Pavlovka farm, the villages of Podgornoe, Soluno-Dmitrievskoe, Sultan, Surkul, the Ternovsky farm, the village of Yankul.

Court opening hours

Monday from 9 .00 to 18.00
Tuesday from 9.00 to 18.00
Wednesday from 9.00 to 18.00
Thursday from 9.00 to 18.00
Friday from 9.00 until 16.45
Lunch break from 13.00 to 13.45
Saturday Closed  
Sunday Closed  

Reception and registration of complaints, submissions, mailing of correspondence, statements, issuance of copies of sentences, decisions, certificates, archival documents by the general department of the court 1 floor.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 09:00 to 18:00
Friday from 09:00 to 16:45
Saturday, Sunday closed

From January 26, 2022
Access to court by persons who are not participants in litigation is prohibited. Participants in court hearings are allowed to enter the court building only at the appointed time and for the period of consideration of the case, after non-contact body temperature control carried out by bailiffs, mandatory hand treatment with an antiseptic and personal protective equipment /masks, respirators, gloves/.
It is forbidden to visit the courthouse if you have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) and acute respiratory viral disease! Participants in court sessions with a body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius and above or refusal to control body temperature are not allowed into the courthouse!
Please note that entry into the Andropovsky District Court building is allowed no earlier than 15 minutes before the appointed time meetings. Wearing masks is mandatory in the courthouse. Participants in court sessions provide themselves with masks. Mandatory observance of social distance -1.5 - 2.0 meters.
Access to the court of persons who are not participants in trials is limited, with the exception of representatives of the media.
Appeals of citizens addressed to and. about. of the chairman of the court are possible through the Internet page of the service "Citizens' Appeals" on the official website of the Andropovsky District Court.
We recommend sending documents to the court via the Russian Post, facsimile, e-mail, as well as through the service on the website of the court "Submission of procedural documents in electronic form"
Information on the progress and results of the consideration of cases is provided by telephone and posted on the official website of the Andropovskiy District Court on the Internet".
All cases scheduled for consideration in a court session are considered if the court has information about the proper notification of the participants in the process and the absence of requests from them to postpone the consideration of the case for another period for a good reason

Phone numbers where you can get information of a reference nature, including the progress of cases
tel/fax 8(86556) 6-17-80 - Civil - Kompantseva Natalya Vasilievna
Criminal - Tetyuk Alena Nikolaevna
Administrative - Tetyuk Alena Nikolaevna

Composition of the Court

Position F. I. O. Contact phone
I. about. Chairman of the Court Kutsurov P.O. 8-86556- 6-17-60 about. President of the Court Grishina Alina Viktorovna 8(86556) 6-17-70
Judge Pavel Odiseevich Kutsurov8-86556-6-17-70
/reception of the judge/
assistant Vlasova Valentina Arkadyevna 8-86556-6-17-70 6-17-70
Judge Denis Efremovich Manelov 8-86556- 6-17-70
/ judge's reception/
Judge's assistant Georgy Antimozovich Kochov 8(86556) 6-17-70
Sec Secretary Tsarevskaya Maria Viktorovna 8(86556) 6-17-70
Judge Marina Alexandrovna Kudashkina 8-86556- 6-17-70
/Judge's office/
Assistant referee Svetlana Aramovna Karginova 8(86556) 6-17-70
Regional secretaryKhutov Murat Muridinovich 8(865 56) 6-17-70

Subdivisions of the Court

Position F. Acting Contact phone
Head of the General Department Natalya Vasilievna Kompantseva 8 (86556 ) 6-17-80
Court Secretary Tetyuk Alena Nikolaevna 8 (86556) 6-17-80
Specialist Grishin Vladimir Alexandrovich 8 (86556) 6-17-80
Court Administrator Elbi Batalbiyevich Chagarov 8 (86556) 6-17-57

For information on filling vacancies in the civil service in the office of the Andropovsky District Court and the results of competitions for filling vacancies, please call tel. 8(86556) 6-17-80 Kompantseva Natalya Vasilievna

Assistant Judge of the Andropovsky District Court of the Investigative Committee
Kochev Georgy Antimuzovich
work phone - 8 (865-56) 6-17-70

Requisites for paying the state fee
Single treasury account: 03100643000000012100
KPP 263101001
TIN 2631055559
OKTMO 07503000
BIC 010702103
Р/С 4030402810
KBK 18210803010011060110

Requisites for payment of fines
Name of the recipient of the payment UFK in the Stavropol Territory (UFSSP IN STAVROPO REGION)
KPP 263401001
TIN of the tax authority and its name 2634063910
OKATO/ OKTMO 07632000
account number of the payee 40101810300000010005
Name of the bank GRCC GU of the Bank of Russia for the Stavropol Territory
BIC 040702001
Budget Classification Code (BCC) 32211621010010000140
Name of the payment court fine