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Yarovskoy District Court of the Altai Territory


Territorial jurisdiction
City, locality: Yarovoye. Name of the street: 40 years of October street, Altaiskaya street, Baikalskaya street, Barnaulskaya street, Biyskaya street, Bolnichnaya street, Vereshchagin street, Gagarin street, Zavodskaya street, Zvezdnaya street, Zelenaya street, Kanibolotskogo street, Quarter A, Quarter B, Quarter B, Kirov street, Komarov street, Komsomolskaya street, Krymskaya street, Kulundinskaya street, Kurortnaya street, Lenin street, Mendeleev street, Mira street, Mikhailovskaya street, Naberezhnaya street, Novaya street, Parkovaya street, Partizanskaya street, Pervomayskaya street, Perekopskaya street, Pogranichnaya street , Pokrovskaya street, Polevaya street, Pushkin street, Russian street, Sadovaya street, Severnaya street, Sibirskaya street, Snezhnaya street, Sovetskaya street, Solnechnaya street, Socialist street, Stepnaya street, Stroitelnaya street, Khimikov street, Tsvetochnaya street, Tselinnaya street, street Chapaeva, Shkolnaya street, Shushkin street.

Court opening hours

Monday - Thursday from 8. 00 to 17.00
Friday from 8.00 to 16.00
Saturday closed
Sunday day off

Acceptance of claims

Monday - Thursday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm lunch from 12:00 pm to 12:48
Friday from 8:00 to 16:00 lunch from 12 :00 to 12:48
Saturday no applications

Reception at the Office of Records and Litigation
(case notes accepted for court proceedings, obtaining copies of decisions and writ of execution) is carried out in office. 11

Monday - Thursday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm lunch from 12:00 pm to 12:48 pm
Friday from 8:00 am to 16:00 lunch from 12:00 to 12:48
Saturday no reception

Fax for receiving written applications from citizens (38568) 2-06-54 Reception of citizens by the chairman of the court on applications and complaints against the actions of court employees, as well as other non-procedural issues, is carried out every Monday from 9.00 to 10.00.
Separate categories of citizens in cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation, enjoy the right to a personal reception as a matter of priority.

Court reception
The reception is organized to provide citizens with information about the procedure for applying to the court, the procedure for the court to resolve citizens' appeals.
Reception workers are not entitled to provide legal assistance to persons who have applied to the court.
Reception of citizens is carried out by assistant judges in office No. 12
Reception opening hours:
Monday-Thursday from 08:00 to 17:00
Friday from 08:00 to 16:00
lunch from 12:00 to 12:48
Reception is conducted without prior appointment, in order of priority, upon presentation of an identity document.
Certain categories of citizens, in cases provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation, enjoy the right to a personal reception as a matter of priority.

Composition of the court
Chairman of the court Mayer Dmitry Ivanovich
Office. 23
Judge Ogneva Veronika Mikhailovna
Office. 20

6 Mayer Dmitry Ivanovich was appointed chairman of the Yarovsky District Court for a year.
By Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of June 30, 2020 No. 432 "On the appointment of judges of federal courts and on representatives of the President of the Russian Federation in the qualification boards of judges of constituent entities of the Russian Federation", Veronika Mikhailovna Ogneva was appointed judge of the Yarovsky District Court.

Court administrator
tel. (38568) 2-30-98
Cab. 24

Documentation and Litigation Department
Head of Department Gavrish Galina Nikolaevna
Tel. /fax (38568) 2-06-54
Cab. 17
Consultant of the Department of Proceedings and Litigation Skvortsov Egor Sergeevich
tel. (38568) 2-06-54
Cab. 29
Court clerk Svetlana Geinrikhovna Feler
tel. (38568) 2-06-54
office. 19
Senior specialist Kromm Lyudmila Nikolaevna
tel. (38568) 2-06-54
office. 19
Secretary of the court session Limanskikh Anastasia Viktorovna
tel. (38568) 2-39-10 office 23
Secretary of the court session Sulima Victoria Olegovna
tel. (38568) 2-04-74 office 20 Court apparatus
Assistant to the chairman of the court Aleksey Vasilyevich Bezvinyuk
tel. (38568) 2-39-10 office 23
Assistant judge Alt Oksana Vasilievna
tel. (38568) 2-36-10 office 28

Information on filling a vacant position of a judge, vacant civil service positions in the court apparatus can be obtained by phone tel. /fax 8 (38568) 2-06-54.

Responsible for the implementation of the interaction of the Yarovsky District Court with the media and the public - consultant of the department of office work and legal proceedings Skvortsov Egor Sergeevich
tel. 8 (38568) 2-06-54

Free legal assistance
Regional autonomous institution "Multifunctional center for the provision of state and municipal services of the Altai Territory" - 656064, Russia, Altai Territory, Barnaul, Pavlovsky Trakt, 58-g, ( 3852)200-550, 8-800-775-00-25, www. mfc22. ru.
Biysk branch: 659303 Biysk, st. Promyshlennaya, 6, (3854) 40-40-85
Blagoveshchensky branch: 658672, Russia, Altai Territory, Blagoveshchensky district, r. Blagoveshchenka, st. Lenina, 97, (38564) 23-9-65
Rubtsovsk branch: 658224, Rubtsovsk, st. Lenina, 64, 8-800-775-00-25
Branch in the Leninsky district of Barnaul: 656060, Barnaul, st. Shukshina, 32a, 8-800-775-00-25 Kosmonavtov, 6, 8-800-775-00-25
Branch in ZATO Sibirsky: 658076, ZATO Sibirsky, st. 40 years of Strategic Missile Forces, 7, 8-800-775-00-25
Pavlovsky branch: 659000, Pavlovsky district, s. Pavlovsk, st. Comintern, 1/1, 8-800-775-00-25
Pospelikha branch: 659700, Pospelikha district, s. Haste, st. Vokzalnaya, 5, 8-800-775-00-25
Shelabolikha branch: 659050, Shelabolikha district, s. Shelabolikha, st. Solnechnaya, 8, 8-800-775-00-25

List of lawyers participating in the activities of the state system of free legal aid to citizens

F. Acting lawyer Registry number Lawyer education, address
Makarov Alexey Vladimirovich 22/797 Law office in Yarovoe (Yarovoe, Kvartal B st., 36)


Payment name State duty when filing a claim with a court of general jurisdiction, a justice of the peace (except for the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation) No. 4 in the Altai Territory
TIN/KPP 2208012087/220801001
BIC of the beneficiary's bank 010173001
Account number of the beneficiary's bank 40102810045370000009
Account number beneficiary (treasury account number) 03100643000000011700
Name of the beneficiary's bank Barnaul branch of the Bank of Russia // UFK in Altai Krai Barnaul
OKTMO 01730000
Budget Classification Code (KBK) 182 1 08 03010 01 1050 110

Requisites of the state fee when filing an appeal before the Altai Regional Court
Recipient: UFK for AK (Interdistrict IFTS of Russia No. 14 for AK)
BIK 010173001
Р/ С 40102810045370000009
Beneficiary's account number (treasury account number): 03100643000000011700
TIN 2225099994
KPP 222501001
OKTMO 01701000
Beneficiary's bank: Barnaul branch of the Bank of Russia//UFK br>Budget classification code (state duty is paid when applying to the court): 182 1 08 03010 01 1050 110

Requisites for paying the state fee when filing a cassation appeal with the Eighth Court of Cassation of General Jurisdiction

Name payment State duty to courts of general jurisdiction
Name of the payee UFK for the Kemerovo region (Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia for the city of Kemerovo)
KPP 420501001
TIN of the tax authority and its name 4205002373
OKTMO code 32701000
Payee's account number 40101810400000010007
Bank name Kemerovo branch
BIC 043207001
Budget Classification Code (BCC) 182 1 08 03010 01 1000 110

DETAILS for paying administrative fines:
Recipient: OFK in Altai Krai (Main Directorate of the FSSP in Altai Krai)
TIN 2225066621
KPP 222501001
Recipient's account number: 40101810100000010001
BIC 040173001
OKATO code 01401000000
Budget classification code: 322 1 16 17 000 01 000

LIST of mediation centers of the Altai Territory

Name of organization address phones
Mediation Center    
Non-profit partnership "Siberian Center for Mediation and Law" ul. Proletarskaya, 139, of. 2, Barnaul, 656049 396-500, 222-007
Organizations providing mediation    
Center for Conciliation Procedures (Mediation) at Altai State University pr. Socialist, 68, Barnaul, 656000 8-913-082-81-73
367-377, 366-492
LLC legal company "Mediation" st. Petra Sukhova, 26, Barnaul, 656010 341-562, 341-563
Autonomous non-profit partnership "International Academy of Mediation" st. Partizanskaya, 132, Barnaul, 656049 383-631
Professional mediator
Sokolov Sergey Alekseevich
St. P. Sukhova, 26, Barnaul, 656010
mediation22. ru/experts
34-15-63, 34-15-64
fax. 34-15-62

Time difference between Moscow and Yarovoe: +4 hours
Numbers of courtrooms equipped with video conferencing systems: Hall No. 27
Numbers telephones (faxes) of the VCS departmental network: hall No. 27 - 7221186
IP-address of the videoconferencing video terminal: Hall No. 27 - 10. 22. 118. 50 Court of the Altai Territory
tel. (38568) 2-39-10
VCS technical support: Kolesnik Oleg Nikolaevich,
engineer of the second category of the branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution IAC of the Judicial Department in the Altai Territory
IP:722-1183, tel. (38568)2-06-54


Additional Info

  • Country: Russia
  • State: Altai Territory
  • City: g Yarovoe
  • Street, House: ul Lenina, dom 16
  • Postcode: 658837
  • E-mail:
  • Site:
  • Phone: (38568)2-06-54


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