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Thursday, 19 August 2021 21:38

Kovylkinsky District Court of the Republic of Mordovia


Court order

Monday - Thursday 08:30 - 17:30
Friday 08:30 - 16: 15
Lunch break 12:30 - 13:15

Reception of citizens is conducted by the consultant Natalia Georgievna Bespalova in the reception area of ​​the court in accordance with the court order.

Territorial jurisdiction of the Kovylkinsky District Court of the Republic of Mordovia

Urban settlement Kovylkino: Kovylkino, Sosnovy Bor; Bolsheazyaskoe rural settlement: with. Bolshoy Azyas, village Malaya Ivanovka, s. Mikhailovskoye, village Novye Rzhavtsy, village Rodkino, village Seytyanovka, s. Old Allagulovo, s. Old Mamangino, s. Sutyagino; Izosimovskoe rural settlement: with. Izosimovka, d. Brancheevka, with. Volgapino, Keretino, Kimlyai, s. Kitchatovo, village Novaya Sazonovka, s. Old Sazonovka; Kazenno-Maidan rural settlement: with. Kazenny Maidan, Zarya village, Novoye Drakino village, s. Ryskino, s. Old Drakino, s. Shadym; Klinovskoe rural settlement: with. Klinovka, item Vinogradovka, s. Substance, with. Samaevka, p. Art. Samaevka, s. Chepurnovka; Kochelaevskoe rural settlement: with. Kochelaevo, Budy village, Krasny Yar village; Krasnopresnenskoye rural settlement: Krasnaya Presnya settlement, Zelenaya Roscha settlement, Krasny Oktyabr village, Krutenkoe, settlement Pervomaisky; Krasnoshadymskoe rural settlement: with. Krasny Shadym, s. Alkino, Krasnaya Polyana, Pervomaisky, Tyutkovo, Yanguzhinsky Maidan; Kurninskoye rural settlement: with. Kurnino; Mamolaevskoe rural settlement: with. Mamolaevo, p. Kotroks, s. Lesnaya Sazonovka, village Novaya Samaevka, s. Novaya Tolkovka, d. Novoe Lepyevo, s. Russian Lashma, s. Self-gluing; Mordovsko-Vechkeninskoe rural settlement: with. Mordovskoe Vechkenino, v. Vasilievka, s. Novye Dubrovki, s. Panzha, s. Russian Vechkenino, s. Samovol'evka, d. Old Dubrovki; Mordovsko-Kolomasovskoe rural settlement: with. Mordovskoe Kolomasovo, s. Russian Kolomasovo; Novomamanginskoe rural settlement: with. New Mamangino, Kolychevka village, Pervomaisky village; Parapinskoe rural settlement: with. Parapino; Pokrovskoe rural settlement: with. Pokrovsk, with. High; Primokshanskoe rural settlement: Primokshansky village, Andreevka village, Slobodinovka village; Russian-Lashminskoe rural settlement: with. Russian Lashma, village Barki, s. Free Lashma, s. Barns, p. Rzd. Zapishchikovo, p. Rzd. Lashma; Rybkinskoe rural settlement: with. Rybkino, v. Barki, v. Vorona, v. Kirlyai, v. Kovyliai, v. Maliy Azyas, Novaya Derganovka village, Novaya Rezepovka village, s. Poltso, village Ponikedovka, village Staraya Derganovka, s. Staraya Samaevka, d. Staraya Tolkovka, s. Cheremis; Tokmovskoe rural settlement: with. Tokmovo, village Vyarvel, s. Novoe Pshenevo, s. Podgornoye Aleksovo; Troitskoe rural settlement: with. Troitsk, s. Yezhovka, Kalinina, Potma, Sadovka; Chekashevo-Polyanskoe rural settlement: with. Chekashevy Polyany, village Mordovskaya Augura, s. Old Pshenevo, p. Rzd. Tokmovo, s. Unuevsky Maidan; Shingara rural settlement: settlement Silikatny, s. Shingarino.

Contact information

Phones for inquiries:
Chief specialist:
(83453) 2-05-31
(83453) 2-06-85
(83453) 2-18-50
(83453) 4-04-88
(83453) 2-35-84; 2-00-08

Panels of the Court

President of the Court Assistant Marina Yurievna Igonchenkova
Secretary of the C/C
t. 8 (834-53) 2-00-08
Vladimir Yuryevich Lyovkin
Assistant Natalya Vladimirovna Oskina
Secretary of the C/C Olga Yurievna Medvedeva
t. 8 (834-53) 2-05-31
Svetlana Andreevna Zorina
Assistant Elena Sergeevna Kormyshova
Secretary of the C/C Zinaida Vladimirovna Popova
t. 8 (834-53) 2-05-31
Lyudmila Viktorovna Artemkina
Assistant Svetlana Nikolaevna Grishina
Secretary of the C/C Tatiana Alekseevna Letina
t. 8 (834-53) 2-05-31
Judge Assistant Lyubov Vladimirovna Kechina
Secretary of the c/c Valentina Viktorovna Kovaykina
etc. 8 (834-53) 2-05-31
Judge Assistant Nadezhda Alekseevna Tsilikina
C/s Secretary Anna Vladimirovna Fomina
etc. 8 (834-53) 2-05-31

Court administrator

Court administrator Sergey Alexandrovich Glazkov t. 8 (834-53) 2-06-85


Chief specialist (head of the office) Galina Nikolaevna Burkanova t. 8 (834-53) 2-18-50
Secretary of the Civil Court Daria Nikolaevna Ivanova
Clerk of the Criminal Court t. 8 (834-53) 4-04-88
Administrative Court Clerk Maria Ivanovna Kechina
Court consultant Natalya Georgievna Bespalova t. 8 (834-53) 2-05-31
Chief specialists (in informatization)
Svetlana Aleksandrovna Kolodina
Vasily Alexandrovich Oskin
t. 8 (834-53) 2-35-84
Senior specialist of the 1st category (archive employee) Olga Andreevna Piskunova T. 8 (834-53) 2-05-31

Powers of the Court

Federal Constitutional Law of February 7, 2011 N 1-FKZ "On Courts of General Jurisdiction in the Russian Federation"
Chapter 4. District Court (Articles 32 - 36)
Article 34. Competence of the District Court court
1. The District Court considers all criminal, civil and administrative cases as a court of first instance, with the exception of cases referred by federal laws to the jurisdiction of other courts.
2. In the cases established by federal law, the district court hears cases of administrative offenses.
3. On the basis of Part 4 of Article 125 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, a district court has the right to apply to the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation with a request for the constitutionality of a law to be applied in a specific case.
4. The district court hears appeals, submissions against decisions of justices of the peace acting in the territory of the respective judicial region.
5. The district court, in accordance with federal law, considers cases on new or newly discovered circumstances.


For reference information, please call:

8 (834 53) 2-35-84 Fax;
8 (834 53) 2-05-31 Switchboard;
8 (834 53) 2-06-85 Court administrator;
8 (834 53) 4-04-88 Office;
8 (834 53) 2-18-50 Chief specialist.

Video conferencing

Time zone: UTC + 3 - Moscow time (MSK).
Numbers of courtrooms equipped with videoconferencing systems: hall number 1 (office number 207).
IP-address: 10. 13. 60. 50.
Telephone (fax) numbers of the departmental network of videoconferencing: 7136002.
Availability of technical capability of videoconferencing: available.
Responsible for the organization and technical support of the videoconferencing: Oskin V. A., chief specialist, tel. (834 53) 2-35-84.

State duty

Federal Law No. 248-FZ of July 23, 2013 introduced clause 6 into Article 52 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, according to which the amount of tax is calculated in full rubles. The tax amount less than 50 kopecks is discarded, and the tax amount of 50 kopecks or more is rounded to the full ruble.
When paying the state duty on claims of a property nature, this rule applies.
State duty is paid in full rubles.

Payee's name UFK MF RF (MRI FTS RF No. 5)
KPP 132301001
TIN of the tax authority and its name 1323121950
OKTMO code 89629101
Payee's account number 40101810022020017002
Bank name GRKTS NB Republic of Mordovia Bank of Russia Saransk
BIK 048952001
Budget classification code (BCK) 18210803010011050110
Payment name state duty to court

Mediators of the Republic of Mordovia

Association of Mediators Republic of Mordovia
Saransk, st. Kommunisticheskaya, 50, office. 10
tel. +79271800505, 31-04-24
Official website: darin-den. wix. com/mediationrm


Information on filling vacant positions in the civil service can be obtained from the Office of the Judicial Department of the Republic of Mordovia by phone 8 (8342 ) 38-06-15.


Media Relations Officer
Assistant to the President of the Court
Marina Igonchenkova
Tel. (83453) 2-00-08


Additional Info

  • Country: Russia
  • State: Republic of Mordovia
  • County: Kovylkinskij r-n
  • City: g Kovylkino
  • Street, House: ul Pervomajskaya, dom 5
  • Postcode: 431350
  • E-mail:
  • Site:
  • Phone: (83453)2-05-31


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