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Bureyskij District Court of Amur Region


Court hours

Monday with 8. 00 until 17. 00 lunch 12. 00-13. 00
Tuesday with 8. 00 until 17. 00 lunch 12. 00-13. 00
Wednesday with 8. 00 until 17. 00 lunch 12. 00-13. 00
Thursday with 8. 00 until 17. 00 lunch 12. 00-13. 00
Friday with 8. 00 until 17. 00 lunch 12. 00-13. 00
Saturday day off    
Sunday weekends    

Receiving statements of claim

A statement of claim can be submitted to the court in person at the reception or sent by registered letter to the address:
676722 n. Novobureysky, Bureisky district, Amur region, st. Sovetskaya 35, Bureisky district court, the chairman of the court - Natalya Bondareva

The chairman of the court is hosting:

Monday 13-00 - 15-00
Wednesday 13-00 - 15-00
Friday 9-00 - 11-00

Nonresident - daily

You can also file a lawsuit in person at the reception during working hours from 8-00 to 17-00 with a lunch break from 12 -00 to 13-00 or send by registered mail to the court. Applications for re-issuing copies of decisions, rulings, sentences and other documents are accepted daily during business hours.

Composition of the court

Bondareva Natalya Sergeevna chairman of the court t. - 21-6-81, 22-7-01
Shevchik Larisa Vasilievna deputy chairman of the court t. - 22-3-54
Chigareva Tatyana Yuryevna referee t - 22-0-07
Drobakha Julia Ivanovna referee t - 22-7-03
Evgeny Spiridonov Anatolyevich judge t - 22-7-05
Hinevich Andrey Grigoryevich judge t - 22-0-08
Poddubny Vitaly Vyacheslavovich referee t - 21-4- 02

Divisions of the Court

Assistant Judges:

Chepikova Tatyana Leonidovna t. 22-0-08

Chaika Nadezhda Andreevna t. 22-3-54

Tsygankova Galina Mikhailovna t. 22 -0-07

Naumenko Irina t. 22-7-01

Deminova Rina Vladimirovna t. 22-7-03

Afonkina Olga Nikolaevna t. 22-7-05

Zhuyko Tatyana Anatolyevna t. 21-4-02

Chief specialist:

Belenikina Natalya Alexandrovna t. 22-0-84 (fax)

Clerks of the court:

Proskuryakova Tamara Abesalomovna t. 22-7-01

Vasilchuk Natalia Alexandrovna t. 22-7-05

Pyatakov Alexander Viktorovich t. 21-4-02

Ivacheva Elena Valerievna t. 22-3-54

Alexandrova Vera Nikolaevna t. 22-7-03

Kudryavtseva Olga Valerievna t. 20-0-07

Shevchenko Marina Vasilievna t. 22-0-08

Registrars of the court: t. 22-0-84

Ma Nukhova Oksana Mikhailovna

Kuznetsova Ksenia Nikolaevna

Gabaydulina Maria Alexandrovna

Specialist of the 1st category

Belenikina Elena Dmitrievna

Administrator of the court t. 22-0-08

Shorokhova Olga Petrovna

Work schedule of the reception of citizens of the Bureysky district court

Reception of citizens is carried out in offices No. 3 and No. 2

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday

08:00 - 12: 00

13:00 - 17:00

Day off

Saturday, Sunday

The powers of the court

The district courts, as a court of first instance, are considering t and allow civil matters within the jurisdiction of the courts, not related to the competence of the CPC RF magistrates, provincial and equivalent court, and the Supreme Court.

Cases of administrative offenses falling within the competence of magistrates, but proceedings on which are carried out in the form of an administrative investigation, as well as cases of administrative offenses involving administrative expulsion from the Russian Federation or administrative suspension of activity, are considered by judges of district courts (Part 3 of article 23. 1 Administrative Code of the Russian Federation).

District courts consider and resolve criminal cases that are not within the competence of justices of the peace, regional and equivalent courts, as well as the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation (part 2 of article 31 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation).

Territorial jurisdiction of the Bureyskiy district court of the Amur region and magistrates in the Bureyskiy district court sections of the Amur region

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Full name of the district court Postal address of the court (with the name of the subject and the index) F. I.O. President of the court (in full) Telephone of the receiving court (with city code) Telephone and fax of the receiving court (with city code) Territorial jurisdiction (name of the district, settlement, streets, if necessary, house numbers)
Bureysky District Court 676722, Amur Region, Bureysky District, Novobureysky settlement , st. Sovetskaya, 35 Bondareva Natalya Sergeevna (41634) 22-0-84 (41634) 22-0-84 Bureyskiy district, Novobureyskiy settlement
Bureyskiy district court plot № 1 676720, Amur region, Bureyskiy district, Novobureyskiy settlement, st. Sovetskaya, d. 57 Sedalischev Sergey Vasilievich (41634) 21-4-41   Within the boundaries of the working village Novobureysky, Vinogradovsky, Malinovsky, Raichikhinsky, Staroraichichinsky village councils of the Bureysky district
Bureysky district court plot № 2 676720, Amur region, Bureysky district, n. Novobureysky , st. Sovetskaya, 57 Tatyana Petrovna Osokina (41634) 21-4-43 (41634) 21-4-43 fax Within the boundaries of the working villages of Bureya, Talakan, Alekseevsky, Doldykansky, Rodionovsky, Uspensky village councils of the Bureysky district

Videoconferencing connection

Court address:

676722, Amur Region, Novobureisky settlement, ul. Sovetskaya, 35

Time difference between Novobureysky, Amur Region, and Moscow: MSC + 6 (+6 hours)

Number of the courtroom equipped with the videoconferencing system:

Courtroom No. 4

Telephone (fax) numbers of the departmental VKS network:

VKS Hall No. 4

IP address: 10. 28. 53. 50

VoIP- Avaya1608 by dhcp 7285301 clerk in the courtroom

VoIP Audiocodes Media Pack 112 10. 28. 53. 51 7285399 clerk in the courtroom

Availability of technical capabilities of the videoconferencing: available

Schedule of the videoconferencing:

On working days from 08-00 to 17-00 local time. If necessary, the organization of the videoconferencing at other times - as directed by the chairman of the court.

Contact details of persons responsible for the organization of the videoconferencing:

Shorokhova Olga Petrovna, administrator of the court - 8 (41634) 22-084

Contact details of persons responsible for technical support of the videoconferencing:

Shorokhova Olga Petrovna, administrator of the court - 8 (41634) 22-084


Additional Info

  • Country: Russia
  • State: Amur Region
  • County: Burejskij r-n
  • City: pgt Novoburejskij
  • Street, House: ul Sovetskaya, dom 35
  • Postcode: 676722
  • E-mail:
  • Site:
  • Phone: (41634) 22-0-84
  • Fax: (41634) 22-0-84


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