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Blagoveshchensk District Court of Amur Region


By taxi:

- No. 33t from the railway station to the stop "Teatralnaya-ul. Krasnoarmeyskaya"

- No. 33t and No. 24t from the Bus Station to the stop "Teatralnaya-Krasnoarmeyskaya St."

Territorial jurisdiction

No. p/p

Full name of the district court

Postal address of the court (with the name of the subject and index)

F. I.O. of the chairman of the court (in full)

Telephone of the reception court (with the area code)

Telephone and fax of the reception court (with the area code)

Territorial jurisdiction (name of the district, settlement, streets)


Blagoveshchensk District Court

675005, Amur Region, Blagoveshchensk, st. Oktyabrskaya, 88

Komogortsev Igor Yuryevich

(4162) 52-87-66

(4162) 59-18-57

Blagoveshchensk District


Blagoveshchensk District Court

675000, Amur Region, the city of Blagoveshchensk, st. Krasnoarmeyskaya, d. 110

Kireev Alexey Alexandrovich

(4162) 51-81-88

Settlement Address - Volkovo, Rivne ((Volkovsky village council)), town of Blagoveshchensk Ignatievskoe highway from 19 km
g. Blagoveshchensk Novotroitskoye highway from 18 km - Gribskoye, Convenient, Advanced, Dronovo ((Gribsky Village Council))
Grodekovo, Kani-Kurgan, Zarechnoye ((Grodekovsky Village Council))
Markovo ((Markovsky Village Council) )
Mikhailovka, Gryaznushka ((Mikhailovsky Village Council))
Natalino ((Natalinsky Village Council))
Novopetrovka, Novelty, Yegoryevka, Pryadchino ((Novopetrovsk Village Council))
Novotroitskoye, Konton-Komunna & nbsp ; ((Novotroitsky village council))
Sergeevka, Bibikovo ((Sereevsky village council))
Ust-Ivanovka, Vladimirovka ((Ust-Ivanovo village council))
Ch Igiri, Ignatievo, Verkh-Blagoveshchensk ((Chigirinsky Village Council))

Composition of the court

< td> 202
Last name First name Position Cabinet No. Phone number
Komogortsev Igor Yuryevich I. about. of the Chairman of the Court 203 49-18-18
Popov Anton Igorevich Assistant Judge 205 49-10-97
Shikhova Olesya Aleksandrovna Secretary of the court session 52-87-66
Kulikova Snezhana Leonidovna Judge 201 49-18-33
Korchma Albina Viktorovna Assistant Judge 205 49-10-97
Umets Olga Alexandrovna Secretary of the court session 202 52- 87-66
Konstantin Anatolyevich Slepichev Judge 208 49-11-82
Skrastina Irina Sergeevna Assistant Judge 205 49-10-97
Zalunina Natalya Grigoryevna Judge 210 49-10- 30
Kolmogorova Julia Evgenievna Assistant Judge 205 49-10-97
Kabakova Tatyana Vladimirovna Secretary of the court session 209 49-13-73
Ledysheva Elena Gennadievna Consultant (office) 206 49-18-57
Nosyreva Tatyana Pavlovna Chief Specialist 206 49-18-57
Garifzyanova Ramilya Zufarovna Registrar of the Court 206 49-18-57
Pavlenko Olga Alekseevna Administrator of the court 106 49-10-97
  Bailiffs under the PDSU 1st post floor 52-89-06

Days and hours of reception of citizens by judges of the Blagoveshchensk district court

Surname I.O. Position < Days Reception Reception hours
Komogortsev Igor Yuryevich Chairman of the court




8-00 a.m. - 10-00 an hour.

13-00 hours. - 14-00 hours.

13-00 hours. - 14-00 hours.

Konstantin Anatolyevich Slepichev Judge



08. 00 hour –17. 00 hour
Kulikova Snezhana Leonidovna Judge    
Zalunina Natalia Grigoryevna Judge



< p> 08. 00 hour -

10. 00 hour

Reception of documents by the registry of the court:

Daily from 8-00 o’clock. until 5 p.m.

Reception of claims by the clerk of the court:

Reception of the court - Reception of citizens (individuals), representatives of organizations (legal entities), public associations, state authorities and local authorities -

daily 8-00 o'clock. - 17-00 hours. 1st floor, RECEPTION


< tr>F. I.O.PositionNo. cab.Tel.
Elena Ledysheva Court Consultant (Head of the Chancellery) 206 49- 18-57
Garifzyanova Ramilya Zufarovna Registrar of the court (in civil matters) 206 49 -18-57
Nosyreva Tatyana Pavlovna Chief Specialist (in criminal matters) 206 49-18-57
Pavlenko Olga Alekseevna Administrator of the court 106 49-10- 97

Court Reception - Responsible for receiving calls - Balyasnikova M. A. - assistant judge, tel. 49-10-97.

Videoconferencing- communication

Court address: 675005, Blagoveshchensk, Amur Region, ul. Oktyabrskaya, 88,

Time difference between the city of Blagoveshchensk and Moscow:

MSC + 6 (+6 hours)

The rooms of the courtrooms equipped VKS systems:

Courtroom No. 3.

Telephone (fax) numbers of the departmental VKS network:

VKS Hall No. 3:

IP address: 10. 28. 52. 50

VoIP phone: 7285201

VoIP fax: 7285202

Availability of technical capabilities of the VKS: available.

Schedule of the videoconferencing:

On working days from 8. 00 to 17. 00 hours local time as directed by the chairman.

Periods of accessibility (inaccessibility) of courtrooms:

in the presence of free time and not occupancy of the room by other court sessions.

Contact details for agreeing the date and time of the videoconferencing:

Komogortsev Igor Yuryevich - chairman of the court, 8 (4162) 49-18-18

Contact details of persons, Responsible for the organization of the videoconferencing:

Pavlenko Olga Alekseevna - court administrator, 8 (4162) 49-10-97,

Elena Ledysheva - consultant, 8 (4162) 49-18- 57.

Contact details of persons responsible for technical support of the videoconferencing:

Shikhova Olesya Anatolyevna - secretary of the court session, 8 (4162) 52-87-66,

Garifzyanova Ramilya Zufarovna - secretary of the court, 8 (4162) 49-18-57.


F. I.O. Position < No. cab. Tel.
Ledysheva Elena Gennadievna Consultant to the court (head of the office) 206 49-18- 57
Nosyreva Tatyana Pavlovna Registrar of the court (in criminal matters) 206 49-18 -57
Garifzyanova Ramilya Zufarovna Chief Specialist (in civil matters) 206 49- 18-57
Pavlenko Olga Alekseevna Administrator of the court 106 49-10-97

Court Reception - Responsible for receiving calls - Balyasnikova M. A. - assistant judge, tel. 49-10-97.


Additional Info

  • Country: Russia
  • State: Amur Region
  • City: g Blagoveshhensk
  • Street, House: ul Oktyabr`skaya, dom 88
  • Postcode: 675005
  • E-mail:
  • Site:
  • Phone: (4162) 52-87-66, 49-13-73
  • Fax: (4162) 49-18-57


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