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Polistovsky Reserve


How to get there:

How to get from Moscow (about 650 km):

- By car on the highway M9 & laquo; Moscow & ndash;

Riga & raquo;

to the city of Great Luke, next to the village.

Bezhanitsy through fiber;

- Bus Moscow & ndash;

Pskov to the village.


- By train Moscow & ndash;

Great Luke or Moscow & ndash;

Riga from Riga station to station.

Great Luke, then by bus to the village.

Bezhanitsy (convenient) or train Great Luke & ndash;

Bottom to the station.

Suschёvo (4 km from the village. Bezhanitsy).


Journey from St. Petersburg (about 450 km):

- By car on the highway M20 & laquo; St. Petersburg & ndash;

Kiev & raquo;

to d. Loudon, followed by q. Pava and the city of Porkhov to the village.


- St. Petersburg by bus & ndash;

Great Luke to the village.


- Virtually any southbound train from Vitebsk Station (in Kiev, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Chisinau, Smolensk, Minsk, Gomel, and the St. Petersburg & ndash; Great Luke) to the station.

Suschёvo (4 km from the village. Bezhanitsy).


Directions from Pskov (about 200 km):

- By car on the highway M20 & laquo; St. Petersburg & ndash;

Kiev & raquo;

through Island to the village. Novgorodka, then through the city of Pushkin Mountains and the city of Novorzhev to the village.


- St. Petersburg by bus & ndash;

Great Luke through the fiber to the village.


If you are using a browser, the coordinates of our visitor center: & nbsp; N56 & deg; 58.

603 '& nbsp; E 29 & deg; 52.

605 '

To get to the venue on the tour you can book your car or trucks Reserve (please specify the value in the section Accommodation, food, transport & nbsp; or when you make excursions).

Routes & laquo; from marshes to the ocean & raquo; & nbsp; and & laquo; Plavnitskoe marsh & raquo;

Tsevlo start from the village (33 km from Bezhanitsy where the visitor center and office park).

Routes & laquo; Path Mokhovikov & raquo;

and & laquo; On the way beaver & raquo;

starting from the village. Gogolevo (63 km from Bezhanitsy).

The nearest large town - Great Luke.


Surface water Polistovsky Reserve presented rivers, lakes and extensive mires.

The largest rivers - Lovat and Polist, which lies in the area between the reserve.

Lovat River rapids in some places, the coast rises to 11 m channel width 35-140 m depth in the shallows and rapids 0. 2-1 m, reaches to & ndash;

1. 5-2.

5 m (maximum & ndash; 4. 3 m).

The flow rate of the river Polist 0. 1-0.

3 m / s, the river width of 20 m, the depth of 3-2 m 0.

According to his regime of the river area are the Eastern European type with mainly snow supply.

For all the rivers are characterized by spring flooding in late March - early April, the fall begins a slow rise in water level of the rains.

In heavily waterlogged rivers Polistovsky Reserve (Redya River, Polist) summer-autumn runoff is usually high at 30-39% of annual runoff.

All the rivers are low beaches and meandering channel.


A characteristic feature of Polistovo-Lovatskaya bog is an abundance of medium-sized rivers, streams and lakes.


In Polistovo-Lovatsky array has up to 20 large lakes within the reserve Polistovsky all lakes are arranged in groups.

Northern group, consisting of three lakes - Russian, the second largest (390 ha), and Mezhnitskogo Kokorevskoye is within Polistovsky Reserve.

In most cases, it is located in the basins of the lake surface, reflecting the lowering of the bottom (Russian, Mezhnitskoe, the southern group of lakes).

In more rare cases lakeshores are flat (like Kokorevskoye lake).


The Museum of Nature is equipped aquarium, where he lives and works most real swamp, demonstrated a slide show, one of the walls fully occupied with natural pictures representing the four seasons on Polistovsky swamps.

Presented several interactive games stands.


The visitor center is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 18:00, break from 13:00 to 14:00.


In summer, the visitor center is open daily.


Also Bezhanitsy in the historical and cultural center of it.

Filosofova is Polistovsky Reserve Information Centre.

Here General information about the reserve and travel offers.


In addition, the same information center is located on the first floor of the administration building fiber.


In the reserve there are ecological routes that allow to get acquainted with the major ecosystems, typical and rare species of flora and fauna.

& nbsp; Visit the ecological routes is possible under the protection regime Polistovsky Reserve with a guide.

& nbsp; After the tour the trail & laquo; Plavnitskoe marsh & raquo;

and a water route in the village Tsevlo local inhabitants you can enjoy herbal tea with freshly baked cakes and souvenirs with symbols of the nature reserve.


Plavnitskoe swamp

Starting the tour - in the village. Tsevlo (33 km p. Bezhanitsy).


The main task of the trail - to acquaint visitors with the diversity of our wetlands reserve.


The tour starts at the edge of bog 8 km from the village Tsevlo.

You can get here on ATVs reserve.


In the realm of the swamp waiting for you: a velvet carpet of sphagnum moss;

Watch is a triple warning of the dangers of the traveler;

sheyhtserievye swamp where plants its roots hold the weight of a person;

carnivorous sundew;

amazing marsh orchids and many, many more interesting things.

& nbsp;

The route of the route passes through two mineral Polistovsky island marshes.

Spruce Island will enchant its fabulous beauty and mysterious sense of primeval forest reserve, and Pine Island introduces you to the relic horsetail, which in the 19th century served as the subject of exports to the beauty salons of Europe.


After the trail, you'll see elk feeding grounds and & quot; border & quot;

labels bear, & quot; Witch's Broom & quot;

chaga mushroom and rare species of plants, you hear the birds singing.


The guide will tell you about morozoboyah, the huge glacier more than a kilometer thick, and its role in the formation of Polistovsky swamps about the plants that come to us from the ice ages.


In panoramic site, you can admire the valley of the River Plavnica - a favorite place for nesting shorebirds.


Guided tours are available by appointment from April to November for groups from 2 to 12 people.

& nbsp;

Way Mokhovikov

Starting the tour - in the village. Gogolevo (63 km p. Bezhanitsy).


The trail begins in the buffer zone of the reserve by the river in the former village Hlavitsa Obolon and out of it in the north-west.

The route passes through the overgrown meadow, birch forest, then mixed forest.

Here you can see a gradual restoration of vegetation after exposure to humans.


The trail crosses an ornithological survey routes, where the annual monitoring for the Study of Bird Reserve.

The vast granite boulder guide will tell about the last ice age and modern forms of relief reserve.


In Fёklinskaya tract, which is a moraine ridge, surrounded by alder, the trail turns back to the river and passes through a transitional bog, where you can familiarize yourself with the typical flora.

In the middle of moraine ridge is equipped with fireplace, and a place to rest.


Ends Aniskina eco-trail on a farm, where you can see the remains of the foundations of outbuildings, pond, gardens and learn about the employed population peripaludal land in the recent past.


Guided tours are available by appointment April to November & nbsp; for groups from 2 to 7 people.


From the wetlands to the ocean

Starting the tour - in the village. Tsevlo (33 km p. Bezhanitsy).

& nbsp;

This route connects the four lakes, passes through the territory of the Nature Monument & laquo; Lake Polisto & raquo ;.

Here with us, you can go a long part of the way that from the swamp to the sea overcomes every drop of rain sheet.

You will learn about the power of water, vital for the environment, and at the same time, such a destructive.


With a picturesque location in the village Tsevlo where in the 18th century was the richest in the Pskov region manor Krinitsyn, will begin the route.

The guide will tell you about how over the centuries nature has created these amazing places, and the reasons for the rapid overgrowth of the lake and the terrible fires.

& nbsp;

On the route you will meet with a variety of species of birds, ranging from conventional waders and ducks, to endangered species such as the osprey and black stork.

Here, the comfort of the boat, you can see the bog and in the river mouth Stradnitsa experience life beaver family.

On the route you will be able to know where and why go on spawning fish from the beautiful Lake Polisto.

At the end of the tour you will visit the only place in the Pskov region, where he lives, freshwater herring.


Guided tours are available by appointment in May - June for groups of 2 to 9 people;

the cost of the tour for 1 person - 840 rubles.


On the way Beaver

Beaver & nbsp;

- An ancient inhabitant of the land Polistovsky.

He was a skilled builder and agile swimmer.

On the route & laquo; On the way beaver & raquo ;, which passes through meadows and forest buffer zone of the reserve, you can own eyes to see how the beavers live in the wild, take a look at their impressive buildings and waterworks.

And look at the traces left by elk, wild boars and bears.


Currently, the route is still in development.


Excursion to bolotostupah

Travel by bolotostupah & ndash;

this is the route for those who do not have enough wetlands and wildlife, this is an opportunity to feel alone with a huge Polistovo Lovatskaya-marsh system, away from all the people, roads and civilization.

The length of the route varies from 2 to 12 kilometers, and is calculated based on the willingness and capacity of visitors.


Time passing tours from 2 to 6 hours.


The tour is conducted by appointment for groups from 2 to 12 people.

& nbsp; The price & nbsp; for the group - 2000 rubles.



We invite you to visit the ecological route to bolotostupah.

& nbsp; With their help, journey through bogs greatly simplified.

Because there is a possibility or just a walk through the swamp, or to organize a campaign to primary lake that has to be considered an extreme form of tourism.


In the realm of bogs are waiting for you: a colorful carpet of sphagnum moss, & nbsp;

three kinds of sundew, different kinds of swamps, which are indicators of certain types of plants, carnivorous sundew, prickly little pine and fragrant rosemary.

Tours are accompanied by an employee of the reserve.

& nbsp;


Tourists are invited to take a stroll on bolotostupah & nbsp;

on the territory of the wild, vast marshes Polistovsky guided tours of the reserve.

You can literally feel that this lack of soil under their feet, go to the island in the mineral swamps and even reach the reserve lake without shores.

& nbsp;


Starting the tour - in the village. Tsevlo (33 km p. Bezhanitsy)

In Polistovsky Reserve opened the first of the winter route.

We invite nature lovers to visit the fairy-tale journey through the snow-covered swamp on Horse snegobolotostupah.


Accompanied by a guide you will visit almost never freezing swamps and admire their unique winter landscape.

& nbsp;

In the realm of winter swamps are waiting for you: evergreen shrubs, sleeping under the snow;

red cranberries hidden in the frozen moss;

Snow crystals are like white roses decorated with rare thin birch.

Along the way you will come across traces of the cautious inhabitants Polistovsky edges - birds and animals.


You will be able to choose for themselves the optimum distance of the route (from 1 to 12 km), assess their strengths and capabilities.

And will choose the main object of interest & ndash;

the highest point Polistovsky Reserve & ndash;

Island town, a beaver hut, but maybe you just want to walk across the frozen snegobolotostupah bog.


Cranberry tour

We invite you to participate in cranberry tour.

& nbsp;

Tour starts in the village Tsevlo (33km from n. Bezhanitsy).


You will visit the vast marshes of the Pskov region in Boots will walk through the wet areas & laquo; terrible & raquo;

Marsh, on the living carpet of moss entice search lurking cranberries, about the rich history and the benefits that the employee will tell you reserve.

And then, under the guidance of a local resident will learn to make a variety of delicious berries you collected.

& nbsp;

On top of travel, you will be a tour of the d. Tsevlo where the story will lead to the rich history of the once large ancient village.



event & nbsp; held from mid-September to November, by appointment for groups from 2 to 11; & nbsp; price of the tour & nbsp; group - 1400 rubles.






& nbsp;





Copyright tours

One of the principles of ecotourism is to create conditions under which proximity to the natural reserves and conservation areas are of interest to the public.

Villagers Tsevlo Bezhanitsy district of the Pskov region are developing copyright tourist routes.

& nbsp;

Excursions can be visited by appointment, contact a specialist reserve.


Tour of the village Tsevlo

Tsevlo Village - a small locality in the Pskov region with rich cultural traditions, whose residents still store them in its memory.


The guide will introduce you to the amazing history Tsevelskogo edge.

You will walk through the streets, where only 100 years ago unfolded largest fair.

You will see trees that were once part of a magnificent park of the dynasty of the German Baron Korf, you learn about the harsh rule of the nobility Krenitsyn and get acquainted with the fate of the poet Alexander Krenitsyn - a friend of Pushkin.


The tour is conducted for a group of 2 people.


Visit classroom recreated the early 80-ies, and & nbsp; Local History Museum Village Tsevlo

The small and intimate school museum, had personally assembled Tsevelskoy teacher Galina Yegorovna school and her students.

There Tsevla collected the whole story, she photographs the old spinning wheels, and iron, in the Komsomol ticket pioneer banner and school notebooks.

& nbsp;

Here you can feel the almost complete immersion in school childhood visiting the recreated classroom 80s.

Hold for thirty-five years ago in the hands of a primer, lay down an example of the accounts, consider the Soviet demos to various school subjects.


The tour is held for groups of 2 to 10 people

Journey to the trolley at an abandoned narrow gauge

It is an unforgettable adventure for romantic and courageous.

16 kilometers of narrow-gauge railway & mdash;

a fragment of the industrial past, overgrown birch and alder.

Wonderful mechanism that moves you in a special place where time has stopped, and the connection with civilization broke.


During the three-hour trip a wonderful tour guide Paul, part-owner of the trolley and the driver, showing the place of the former peat, Bobrinev cottages, ancient graveyard.

Legend tells Polistovsky land and history of the region.


The tour is held for groups of 2 to 5 people.



We offer our guests to taste the delicious dishes of Russian cuisine Tsevlo residents of the village.

& nbsp; All are prepared exclusively from natural products, most of which is grown in the village.

For the preparation used a Russian stove.

By prior agreement, our guests can choose how many times a day to eat.

Perhaps a discussion of choice of dishes.


Multi-day program

Polistovsky Reserve offers visitors a multi-day visit program.

It is very convenient to come to reserve on weekends.

For children, the summer is carried Ecological Expedition & laquo; Spring & raquo ;, as well as during the holidays working ekolager & nbsp; & laquo; Holidays in sheet & raquo ;.

For photography lovers can organize photo expedition.

& nbsp;

Visit Polistovsky Reserve - a unique opportunity to get acquainted with Europe's largest Polistovo Lovatskaya horse-marsh system, its diverse flora and fauna, and, of course, learn a lot about the world.



The program includes:


Check in on Friday evening with an overnight stay in a guest house in the village Tsevlo or Saturday morning.


2. Saturday.


- Tour of the route Water & laquo; from marshes to the ocean & raquo ;;

- One of the proposals of local people to choose from (school class 80 and museum, a historical tour of the village Tsevlo, walk to the trolley at an abandoned narrow-gauge);

- The night in a guest house on. Tsevlo.


3. Sunday.


- Tour of the eco-trail & laquo; Plavnitskoe marsh & raquo ;;

- One of the proposals of local people to choose from & nbsp; (classroom 80s and museum, a historical tour of the village Tsevlo, walk to the trolley at an abandoned narrow-gauge);

- departure.


More information can be obtained from members of the Department of Environmental Education and Tourism.

& nbsp; In addition, by prior arrangement, you can organize a traditional rustic kitchen.


Children Ecological Expedition & quot; Spring & quot;











Additional Info

  • Country: Russia
  • State: Pskov Region
  • County: Bezhanickij r-n
  • City: pgt Bezhanicy
  • Street, House: ul Sovetskaya, dom 9B
  • Postcode: 182840
  • Site:
  • Phone: (81141)22-391


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