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Saturday, 23 May 2015 22:08

Geokesher's meeting 2015


The 10th Anniversary Annual Environmental geokesher's meeting in Moscow on 23-24 May 2015 CITO-2015.

Geocaching (geocaching) - both very old and very new game, geocaching. With the advent of the Internet and satellite navigation, this task has become a game for everyone. Tens of thousands of caches hidden in 177 countries around the world. Even if you are not captain of a pirate brig, you can now go in search of his treasure.

Fans of this game create hiding places and look for caches created by other fans. Under the rules of the site geocaching. su, a cache is recommended to create only in a place that is natural, historical, cultural, geographical interest. Therefore, each point marked by coordinates, has a special power of attraction not only for the owners of GPS, but also for people who are interested in local history, geography and so on. N.
Now the site geocaching game turned into the largest database of points of interest of Russia and the former Soviet Union. And every hiding place - each point is not only the location but also a detailed description of the area and attractions, photos, and opinions have visited its players. In 2012, the number of hiding places has exceeded 11,000 units, and game site is visited more than 7,500 people! For several years, geocaching has evolved from the game for "favorites" possessors of GPS-navigators in the mass hobby. Now it is not only the search for hiding places, but also regular thematic meetings geokesherov in nature, teaching beginners the basics of GPS-navigation, own a shop selling symbolism games and GPS-navigators, as well as the organization of corporate events, "the prize" games and competitions for the sponsors.
So, on 23-24 May 2015 will be held jubilee 10 th annual meeting environmental geokesherov CITO-2015. For its gear was selected fields for parking coordinates - N 55 ° 38. 806 'and E 039 ° 46. 311 '.

On the first May Day celebrations was held exploration area for cleaning and search fields for setting camp. Investigation revealed that a large scope of work, a lot of clearings and almost every need of cleaning. There are meadows and with a table and a canopy, and a bonfire dug in. Entrances to the glades are available for any machine will be installed pointers.

In 2015, the meeting is being held in a location which is easily accessible by public transport. Check the base camp will start from Friday night. Beginning Saturday morning - registration in the base camp (N 55 ° 38. 806 'E 39 ° 46. 311'). As part of CITO on Saturday at 15-00 planned excursion to the reindeer farm (reindeer). Saturday evening for children - painting birdhouses.

Sunday, May 24. 7-30 - lifting, 8-30 - briefing, distribution of land works and equipment, 9-00 - the start of work. The work plan - five to six clearings along the river. Unfortunately, they can not pass on a chain. Entrance to each individual clearing. It will also work within walking distance of the base camp ending 15-00 16-00 summarizing the work, a joint photo.

We invite all who are interested in geocaching, someone close to environmental problems, and in particular the dominance of domestic garbage in places of recreation. As the one of the social advertisements - "We have a house garbage," and we will help him to find it.



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