• Country: Russia
  • State: Krasnoyarsk Territory
  • City: g Borodino
  • Street, House: ul Lenina, dom 6
  • Postcode: 663981
  • Site: http://borodino.krk.sudrf.ru
  • Phone: (391-68)4-57-78
  • Longitude: 94.919963
  • Latitude: 55.906088

Territorial jurisdiction
The urban district of the city of Borodino in the Krasnoyarsk Territory of Russia: streets of 40 years of the VLKSM, March 8, May 9, per. Berezovy, Bolshevik, Borodinskaya, Vostochnaya streets, High-rise Ave., Geological, Gogol, Gorky streets, per. Far, per. Dachny, per. Friendship, streets Zavodskaya, Zagorodnaya, md. Western Posad, Zelenaya str., per. Irshinsky, streets them. Pozharnikova, them. Major Pastushenko, Kalinin, per. Kamalinsky, Kirov streets, Ring, Communal, Komsomolskaya, per. Azure, Lermontov streets, Lesnaya, per. Lokomotivny, Lugovaya, Magistralnaya, Mayakovskogo streets, per. Mirny, per. Michurin, st. Youth, per. Crimson, Naberezhnaya, Nagornaya, Nadezhda, Nizhnesibirskaya, Novaya, Ovrazhnaya, Oktyabrskaya, Parkovaya, Pervomaiskaya, Pionerskaya streets, Pobedy district, st. Podgornaya, per. Postal, streets Longitudinal, Polevaya, Priozernaya, Profsoyuznaya, Pushkin, Rabochaya, per. Raduzhny, streets of the Republic, Rozhdestvenskaya, Rossiyskaya, Rucheynaya, Sadovaya, Severnaya, Sibirskaya, per. Sloviansky, st. Soviet, trans. Solnechny, per. Sosnovy, per. Construction, m-n Stakhanovskiy, streets Stepnaya, Trudovaya, Tenistaya, Transportnaya, Frunze, per. Flower, st. Central, per. Chapaeva, trans. Miner, Shchetinkina, Yubileynaya, Yuzhnaya streets.

Monday - Thursday from 9.00 am. until 18.00 h.
Friday from 9.00 am. until 16.45 h.
lunch break from 13.00 h. until 13.45 h.

Schedule of the court reception:
Monday - Thursday: from 09-00 to 18-00
Friday: from 09-00 to 16-45
Reception of citizens (physical persons), including representatives of organizations (legal entities), public associations, public authorities and local governments in the Borodino City Court is carried out in the court reception in office No. 602 (6th floor) daily during working hours on a first-come, first-served basis for all categories visitors.

Contact information
Contact phone: 8 (39168) 4-57-78, 8(391 68) 4-42-67 facts of corruption, violation by civil servants of restrictions, prohibitions in the federal public service, norms of ethics and official conduct: 8 (391) 286-93-29, 8-953-586-93-29, 8 (391) 227-57-35.

Composition of the court

Position Name Powers Phone Office number
Acting. Chairperson of the Court Tatyana Alexandrovna Feskova Order of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation No. 90KD/40 dated May 20, 2022 4-69-13504
Judge Tatyana Alexandrovna Feskova Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 111 of March 11, 2016 4-69-13 504
Judge Fomenko Alexandra Alekseevna Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of March 2, 2018 No. 92 4-54-71 503

Court Office

Position Name Phone
Cabinet number
Assistant to the Chairman Grebneva Yulia Vladimirovna 4-42-67 514
Secretary of the court session Tatyana Vladimirovna Stepanovich 4 -42-67 514
Assistant referee Rakhimova Lyudmila Grigorievna 4-42-67 518
Secretary of the court session Kireyonok Olga Vi ktorovna 4-42-67 504
Assistant referee Vorobeva Olga Alekseevna 4-54-71 503
Secretary of the court session Olga Alexandrovna Tabakaeva 4-42-67 518
Leading specialist Olesya Ivanovna Nabieva 4-57 -78 601
Court Secretary Valentina Nikolaevna Bezrukova 4-57-78 601
Specialist 2nd category Frolova Yulia Alexandrovna 4-57-78 601

Court Administrator

Court Administrator Olga Vladimirovna Lakiza 4-48-55 516

Maintaining the site
Responsible for filling the site administrator of the court Lakiza O. V.
Responsible for the technical and graphic content of the site specialist of the 2nd category Frolova Yu. A.

Information on the availability and filling of vacancies in the state civil service in the Borodino City Court of the Krasnoyarsk Territory can be obtained by phone: 8 (391-68) 4-42-67 (assistant to the chairman court Grebneva Yulia Vladimirovna).

Interaction with the media is carried out by:
Court Administrator Lakiza O. V. . tel. 8(39168) 4-48-55
Assistant to the Chairman of the Borodino City Court
Grebneva Yu. 8 (39168) 4-42-67

Powers of the court
Competence of the district court:
1. The district court considers all criminal, civil and administrative cases as a court of first instance, with the exception of cases referred by federal laws to the jurisdiction of other courts.
2. In cases established by federal law, the district court hears cases of administrative offenses.
3. The district court has the right to apply on the basis of part 4 of Article 125 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation to the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation with a request on the constitutionality of the law to be applied in a particular case.
4. The district court considers appeals, submissions against decisions of justices of the peace acting in the territory of the respective judicial district.
5. The district court, in accordance with federal law, considers cases on new or newly discovered circumstances.
(Article 34 of the Federal Constitutional Law of February 7, 2011 N 1-FKZ "On Courts of General Jurisdiction in the Russian Federation")

Notification of the participants in the trial of the date, time and place of the court session via sms
Notification of the participants in the proceedings is carried out on the basis of a receipt of the established form, filed by the participant in the proceedings.
Via SMS-messages, participants in legal proceedings can be notified of the place, date and time of a court session or the performance of certain procedural actions within the framework of civil, criminal and administrative proceedings.
SMS-message is not sent if the participant of legal proceedings needs to send documents or materials. In this case, notification or summons to court takes place in the usual manner by sending a court summons along with a set of documents by registered mail.
If the SMS notification was not delivered to the subscriber after two attempts to send it again, then the notification or summons to the court to the participant in the court sessions is sent by a court summons with a notification of delivery.

Responsible for notifying via SMS messages:
Responsible for receiving a receipt upon receipt of a statement of claim about their consent to notification via SMS messages;
Rakhimova L. G. , Vorobieva O. A. , Grebneva Yu. V.
Responsibility for processing, forming and sending registers of SMS notifications:
Kireenok O. V. , Stepanovich T. V. . Tabakaeva O. A. .
tel. : (39168) 4-42-67
Order of the Borodino City Court of Borodino No. 37 dated 09.08.2021

Requisites for payment of the state fee
of the Federal Treasury, necessary to fill in instructions for the transfer of taxes, fees, penalties, fines to the budget system of the Russian Federation, the recipient of which is the Interdistrict IFTS of Russia No. 8 for Krasnoyarsk region from January 01, 2023

Name of the recipient UFK for the Krasnoyarsk Territory (Interdistrict IFTS of Russia No. 8 for Krasnoyarsk Territory)
TIN of the tax authority 7727406020
Checkpoint of the tax authority 770801001
Name and location of the bank in which the account has been opened for the UFK in the subject of the Russian Federation BRANCH OF TULA OF THE BANK OF RUSSIA // UFK in the Tula region, Moscow tula UFK accounts for the constituent entity of the Russian Federation Sponsorship account of the bank in which the UFK has opened an account in the constituent entity of the Russian Federation /tr>
KBK 182 1 08 03010 01 1050 110 State duty on cases heard in courts of general jurisdiction by justices of the peace (with the exception of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation) (state duty paid upon appeal to the courts)
KBK 182 1 08 03010 01 1060 110 State fee for cases heard in courts of general jurisdiction by justices of the peace (with the exception of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation) (state fee paid on the basis of judicial acts based on the results of consideration of cases on the merits)

Requisites for paying the state fee when filing a cassation appeal with the Eighth Court of Cassation of General Jurisdiction

Name of payment State fee for cases heard in courts of general jurisdiction by justices of the peace (except for the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation) (state fee paid when applying to the courts)
Name of the payee Office of the Federal Treasury for the Tula Region (Interregional Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service for Debt Management)
KPP 770801001
TIN of the tax authority and its name 7727406020
OKTMO code 32701000
Account number of the beneficiary's bank (number of the bank account included to the single treasury account (TSA) - indicated in field "15" of the payment order) 4010 2810 4453 7000 0059
number of the bank account - indicated in field "17" of the payment order 0310 0643 0000 0001 8500
Name of the bank BRANCH OF TULA OF THE BANK OF RUSSIA//UFK in the Tula region, Tula
BIK 017003983
Budget Classification Code (BCC) 1821 0803 0100 1105 0110

Contact numbers where you can get information of a reference nature, including about cases pending before the court:
Reception of the court: (39168) 4-57-78
Chancery court: (39168) 4-57-78
Reception of the chairman: (39168) 4-43-52
Administrator: (39168) 4-48-55
Hotline of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Court: (391) 227 -57-35

Mediation allows you to resolve a dispute without going to court.
The current legislation allows the possibility of settling disputes out of court with the assistance of an independent professional intermediary (mediator), as part of the mediation procedure.
The mediation procedure provides the parties with the opportunity to resolve a dispute that has arisen between them, taking into account the mutual interests of the parties. Such a solution to the dispute is not always obvious, but always effective, since it is mutually beneficial for the parties, and each of the parties is interested in its implementation.
The mediation procedure also allows you to maintain partnership, friendly, respectful relations, saves financial costs and allows you to find a solution as soon as possible.
Mediation is confidential. A professional mediator ensures the confidentiality of information received from the parties, cannot be forced to provide this information and is not subject to interrogation as a witness.
In mediation, it is also important that the parties control the decision-making process, without their consent, the dispute will not be resolved. The main task of the mediator is to organize effective negotiations, identify the mutual interests of the parties, assist them in finding and securing a solution that meets the interests of both parties.
The parties may jointly apply to the mediator, or one of the parties may apply to the mediator with an instruction to invite the other party. The court also explains to the parties the right to apply for mediation and may invite the parties to resort to it.
The current legislation recognizes the binding nature of the agreement reached by the parties and even allows for the possibility of giving it the means of enforcement.
As part of the mediation procedure, disputes arising from civil, family, labor relations can be settled, both before going to court and after going to court, at any stage of the case.
Today in Krasnoyarsk there is a mediation center at the Siberian Federal University. Professional mediators of this center conduct the mediation procedure free of charge.
The center is located at the address: Krasnoyarsk, st. Maerchaka, d. 6, k. 1-05. The phone number of the Center is 221-03-17.

Administrative fines in the field of migration legislation
According to the information of the Federal Migration Service of Russia for the Krasnoyarsk Territory, when making decisions on the imposition of administrative fines in cases of administrative offenses in the field of migration legislation, the following budget classification code (KBK ): 188 116 011 810 190 001 40