• Country: Russia
  • State: Irkutsk Region
  • County: Kirenskij r-n
  • City: g Kirensk
  • Street, House: ul Shukshina, dom 1
  • Postcode: 666705
  • Site: http://kirensky.irk.sudrf.ru
  • Phone: (39568)4-50-39
  • Longitude: 108.074461
  • Latitude: 57.768945

Territorial jurisdiction
Kirensky district of the Irkutsk region: urban settlements of Alekseevskoye (working settlement of Alekseevsk, settlements of Alekseevka, Voronezhsky), Kirenskoye (villages of Bor, Verkhnekarelina, the village of Zmeinovo, the city of Kirensk, the village of Komuna, the village of Krivoshapkino, the villages of Nikolsk, Sidorova, Staraya Derevnya, Khabarova), the rural settlements of Alymovskoye (the villages of Alymovka, Banshchikovo, the villages of Nikulina, Pod'elnik, Saltykova), Korshunovskoye (villages of Darina, Ichera, villages Korshunovo, Mironovo, the villages of Mutina, Chastykh), Krivolukskoye (the village of Krivaya Luka, the village of Zaborye), Makarovskoye (the villages of Balysheva, Verkholugsk, the village of Makarovo, the village of Pashnya, the village of Skobelskaya, the village of Ust-Kirenga), Nebelskoye (the village of Nebel), Petropavlovskoye ( the village of Petropavlovskoye, the village of Zolotoy, the village of Orlova, the village of Spoloshino), Yubileyninskoye (the village of Yubileyny, the villages of Vishnyakova, Kondrashina, the village of Chechuysk).

Court Schedule

Monday - Thursday from 9: 00 to 18:00
Friday 9:00 to 16:45

Lunch from 13:00 to 13:45

1. Assistant referee - Baboshina Elena Gennadievna, office No. 7
2. Assistant referee - Alexander Alekseevich Plakin, office No. 7
Tel. 8(39568) 453-50
3. Assistant referee - Bonchukova Yulia Vitalievna, room 12
Tel. 8(39568) 453-31
Court Secretary – Elena Leonidovna Galicina, office No. 1,

Schedule of reception of citizens by the Acting Chairman of the Kirensky District Court

F. Acting name Reception time Phone number
Melnikova Maria Viktorovna Every Monday from 10 .00 to 12.00 Tel.: 8 (39568) 455-10

Composition of the Court
Acting Chairman of the Kirensky District Court Melnikova Maria Viktorovna
Tel. : (39568) 455-10
Judges of the Kirensky District Court
Saaya Marianna Samyyaevna
Tel. : (39568) 456-21
Sedykh Dmitry Alexandrovich
Tel. : (39568) 454-59
Court administrator: Elena Vladimirovna Khorosheva
Tel. : (39568)453-20
Office management department
Chief specialist: Shvan Olga Vladimirovna
tel. Tel. : (39568) 450-39
Court clerk: Galicina Elena Leonidovna;
tel. : (39568) 450-39
Secretaries of the court session:
Roman Konstantinovich Gasak;
tel. : (39568) 453-31
Voronina Valentina Aleksandrovna
tel. : (39568) 456-21
Rimma Sergeevna Litvyakova
tel. : (39568) 456-21
Court reception
Judges' assistants:
Elena G. Baboshina
Alexander Alekseevich Plakin
tel. : (39568) 453-50
Bonchukova Yuliya Vitalievna
tel. : (39568) 453-31

Responsible persons for interaction with the media:
Court administrator Khorosheva Elena Vladimirovna
contact phone: (39568)453-20


Name of the payee UFK in the Irkutsk region (Interdistrict IFTS of Russia No. 20 for the Irkutsk region)
TIN of the tax authority and its name 3808114237
Checkpoint 384901001
OKTMO code 25701000
Number beneficiary's account 03100643000000013400
Beneficiary's bank Irkutsk branch of the Bank of Russia//UFK for the Irkutsk region, Irkutsk
BIC 012520101
Budget classification code (BCC) 18210803010011050110
Corr. invoice 40102810145370000026
Description of payment State fee for statements of claim and complaints filed with courts of general jurisdiction

The Kirensky District Court of the Irkutsk Region is equipped with a videoconferencing system.
The difference with Moscow time is +5 hours.
Court building at the address: Irkutsk region, Kirensk, st. Shukshina, d. 1.
Courtroom room. No. 16 is equipped with video conferencing.
IP address of the codec 10. 38. 59. 50
IP telephone/fax number: t. Responsible for the organization of the videoconferencing:
Court Administrator Khorosheva Elena Vladimirovna, tel. 8939568) 45320
for the period of absence - court consultant: Evgeniy Yuryevich Tyurnev