• Country: Russia
  • State: Perm Territory
  • County: Cherdynskij r-n
  • City: g Cherdyn
  • Street, House: mkr Neftyanikov, dom 5
  • Postcode: 618601
  • Site: http://cherdyn.perm.sudrf.ru
  • Phone: (34240)2-88-55
  • Longitude: 56.482059
  • Latitude: 60.386514

From September 27, 2021, the Cherdynsky District Court of the Perm Territory resumes the work of the reception court.
Documents can also be submitted to the court in electronic form through the "Electronic Justice" service. or on paper via postal service.
- temporarily suspended the reception of citizens by the chairman of the court;
- the access of citizens to the court building is minimized, with the exception of persons who are directly participants in trials.
In order to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), in pursuance of the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, it is mandatory to wear personal protective equipment (masks, gloves) in the courthouse.


9:00 - 18:00
Friday9:00 - 17:00
Lunch:13:00 - 13:48 


Court President's Reception2-83-79
Court administrator2-93-51
Court clerk2-80-98
Public reception2-84-51
Expedition/fax2- 88-55

Territorial jurisdiction
Cherdynsky urban district: the villages of Abog, Adamovo, Ambor, Anisimovo, Anfimovo, Baidary, Bayandina, Berezovo, the village of Bigichi, the village of Bolshaya Anikovskaya, the villages of Bolshie Doldy, Bolshoy Kikus, the village of Bolshoi Tagyasher, the village of Bondyug, the villages of Buldyrya, Bulyga, Valai, villages Upper Kerchevo, Upper Shaksher, the villages of Upper Kolva, Vizhaikha, Vizhay, the village of Vilisova, the village of Vilgort, the villages of Gadya, Gashkova, Gorbunovo, the village of Gremyachevo, the villages of Dankova, Ezov, Elevnik, Zelva, Isakovo, the village of Iskor, the village of Istok, the village of Kamgort, the village of Karpicheva, the village of Kerchevsky, the village of Kiryanova, the village of Kolva, the villages of Kolchug, Korepino, the villages of Kornino, Koepty, Krymkor, the village of Kupchik, the villages of Kurgan, Kushmangort, the villages of Kushpelevo, Lekmartovo, the village of Limezh, the village of Lobanikha, the villages of Lyzovo, Small Doldy, Maly Kikus, Marusheva, Mitrofanova, Mogilnikova, Mogilnikova, Nizhnee Kerchevo, the village of Nizhny Shaksher, the working settlement of Nyrob, the village of Nyuzim, the settlement of Olkhovka, the villages of Ochgo-Zhikina, Ochgo-Kosheleva, Palnik, Pantina, Pashib, the settlement Pashib, the village of Petretsovo, the village of Petretsovo, the villages of Petukhova, Pechinki, the village of Pilva, the villages of Pokcha, Pyanteg, the villages of Rakina, Raksher, the village of Redikor, the villages of Rozhnevo, Rusinovo, the villages of Rusinovo, Ryabinino, the village of Savina, the village of Seregovo, the villages of Sloboda, Timinskaya, Uzhginskaya, Urol, Urtseva, Ust-Kaib, Ust-Urolka, the village of Chepets, the city of Cherdyn, the village of Cherepanovo, the village of Chusovskoy, the villages of Shishigino, Yaranina.

Schedule of reception of citizens in court

Temporarily Acting Chairman of the Court
Akladskaya Evgenia Vladimirovna
Wednesdayfrom 10:00 to 12:00

Reception of citizens is carried out in turn every day: Monday - Thursday from 9:00 to 18:00, Friday from 09:00 to 17:00,
with a break for lunch from 13:00 to 13:48, Reception citizens are led by assistant judges in room 104.


Temporarily Acting Chairman of the Cherdynsky District CourtAkladskaya Evgenia Vladimirovna, Order of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation No. 90 KD/81 dated 08.19.2021
Judges of the Cherdynsky District CourtNina Nikolaevna Khorosheva, appointed to the position of a judge by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 540 of 04.11.2019
Reception of citizens in the Cherdynsky District Court
tel. (34240) 2-84-51
Court staff
Court administrator 
tel. (34240) 2-93-51Lashkov Konstantin Vladimirovich
Chief Specialist 
tel. (34240) 2-84-95Svetlana Nikolaevna Gorshkova
Judges' Assistants/Court Session Secretaries
tel. tel. (34240) 2 84 51, 2 83 79 tel. (34240) 2 85 74, 2 84 05 tbody>

Free legal assistance to residents of the Perm Territory
GKU "State Bureau of the Perm Territory" provides oral and written legal advice to citizens who have the right to receive free legal assistance within the framework of the state system of free legal aid, and draw up applications, complaints, petitions and other documents of a legal nature for them.
Detailed information by phone: 8 (342) 212-12-61.
Address of GKU "State Legal Bureau of the Perm Territory": 614000, Perm, st. Yekaterininskaya, 24.
Time of reception of citizens: Monday - Thursday from 10.00 to 17.00. , lunch: 13.00 - 13.48 hours.
website: www. gubperm. a5. ru
page in social networks: www. vk. com/gubperm
Places of reception of citizens
Mr. Solikamsk, Berezniki, Solikamsky, Usolsky, Cherdynsky, Krasnovishersky districts: Solikamsk, st. Matrosov, 30, tel. 8-982-480-11-70.

Details for payment of the state fee

 Office of the Federal Treasury for the Perm Territory
Name of the bankBranch of the Perm Bank of Russia//UFK for the Perm Territory
Bank account number40102810145370000048
Correspondent account number03100643000000015600
TIN of the tax authority and its name59190013915919001391
OKTMO code57756000

Requisites for the transfer of the fine

Name of the recipientUFK for the Perm Territory (Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Cherdyn city district, ph. 04561A97000) td>591901001
Current account03100643000000015600
Corresponding account40102810145370000048

Requisites for paying the state fee when filing a complaint with the Perm Regional Court

Recipient Office of the Federal Treasury for the Perm Territory (IFTS of Russia for the Leninsky District of Perm)
Single Treasury Account401 028 101 453 700 000 48
Treasury Account031 006 430 000 000 156 00
Beneficiary's bankPerm Branch, Perm
KBK182 108 030 100 110 501 10
Name of paymentPaying the state fee

Requisites for paying the state fee when filing a complaint with the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation and
Budget classification code 182 1 08 03020 01 1000 110.
Beneficiary's bank - GU of the Bank of Russia for the Central Federal District//UFK for MOSCOW Moscow
Account 031 006 430 000 000 173 00.
BIC 004 525 988. Correspondent account 401 028 105 453 700 000 03. TIN and KPP of the recipient of funds - IFTS of Russia No. 4 for Moscow 7704058987/770401001.
UFK recipient in Moscow (IFTS of Russia No. 4 in Moscow, ph. 40100770004)
OKTMO code of the municipality 453 74 000.
Name of payment State duty in cases considered by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation
In accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Finance of Russia dated September 23, 2015 No. 148n "On amendments to the order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation dated November 12, 2013 No. 107n" from March 28, 2016 for individual payers in the absence of a unique identifier accrual (UIN), the indication of the value of the taxpayer identification number (TIN) in the order for the transfer of funds is mandatory.

SMS notifications
Cherdynsky District Court notifies participants in legal proceedings of the place, date and time of the court session via SMS messages.
SMS notification is carried out only with the consent of the participant in the proceedings, that is, on a voluntary basis. The fact of consent to receive an SMS notification is confirmed by a receipt, in which, along with the data on the participant in the proceedings, consent to the notification in this way, the mobile phone number to which it is sent is indicated.
A receipt of consent to notification via SMS with a mobile phone number is provided to the Cherdyn city court when submitting an appropriate application to the court, at the first appearance at the court session, when preparing the case for the court session.

Communities of mediators in the Perm region:
Association of mediators in Okhansk. Specialists deal with the resolution of conflict situations at the request of citizens, the district administration.
Sector of mediation in the village of Suksun. Specialists conduct mediation procedures at the request of citizens, the district administration.
Representative office of NP "League of mediators" in Perm. Areas of activity: organizing and conducting negotiations, resolving conflicts of varying degrees of complexity, including in the business environment, housing and communal services, conflict management diagnostics and advising enterprises. Together with the St. Petersburg State University and the National Research University Higher School of Economics, it trains mediators on a professional basis.
Perm regional public organization "Association of mediators of the Perm region". The association brings together mediators with practical experience in the field of mediation and promotes the ideas of mediation in various fields. Specialists conduct mediation in situations of family conflicts, juvenile delinquency, housing and communal services. Mediation training is being conducted in cooperation with Perm State University.

For background information on filling vacancies in the state civil service in the apparatus of the Cherdynsky District Court of the Perm Territory, competitions for filling vacant positions and their results, you can get:
1. In the Perm regional newspaper Zvezda;
2. In the Cherdynsky District Court of the Perm Territory at the address:
618601, Perm Territory, Cherdyn, mkr. Neftyanikov, d. 5
chief specialist - Gorshkova Svetlana Nikolaevna
tel. (834240) 28495, fax: (834240)28855
3. In the Office of the Judicial Department in the Perm Territory at the address:
614000, Perm, st. Petropavlovskaya, 16
tel. : 83422013375
Official website: usd. perm. sudrf. en

Responsible for media relations at the Cherdynsky District Court
Judge's Assistant Elena Anatolyevna Shnaiderman 8(34240)2 84 51