• Country: Russia
  • State: Perm Territory
  • County: Suksunskij r-n
  • City: pgt Suksun
  • Street, House: ul Karla Marksa, dom 13
  • Postcode: 617560
  • Site: http://suksun.perm.sudrf.ru
  • Phone: (34275)3-16-35
  • Longitude: 57.389842
  • Latitude: 57.143834

Court opening hours and applications:

from 9:00 to 18:00
(break from 13.00 to 13.48)
Fridayfrom 9:00 to 17:00
(break from 13.00 to 13.48)

Last Saturday of the month
from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Reception Schedule

Wednesdayfrom 9-00 to 12-00
tel. (34275)3-24-61

Territorial jurisdiction
Suksun urban district: the villages of Agafonkovo, Balashi, Berdykaevo, Berezovka, Bor, the village of Brekhovo, the villages of Byrma, Vaskino, Upper Istekaevka, the village of Verkh-Suksun, the villages of Govyrino, Wild Lake, Elesino, Cranes, Ivankovo, Kamenka, Kiselevo, the village of Klyuchi, the villages of Kovalevo, Koporushki, Koshelevo, Krasny Lug, Kulikovo, Larichi, Martyanovo, Morgunovo, Morozkovo, Naboki, Nizhnyaya Istekaevka, Opalikhino, Osintsevo, Pastukhovo, Peganovo, Pepelyshi, Poedugi, Polko, the village of Sabarka, the villages of Sazhino, Sasykovo, Sivkovo, the village Sovetnaya, rp Suksun, the village of Syzganka, the village of Syra, the villages of Tarasovo, Tebenyaki, the villages of Tis, Torgovishche, the villages of Tokhtarevo, Tukmany, Ust-Irgino, Ust-Log, Filippovka, Gypsies, Chekarda, Chistyakovo, Shatlyk, Shakharovo, Shestakovo, Yuzhny settlement , villages Yulaevo, Yurkan, Yarushino.

Inquiry phones

Reception(34275) 3-24-61
Administrator(34275) 3-18-65
Chief Specialist(34275) 3-12-52
Chancery(34275) 3-16- 35
Fax(34275) 3-12-52

Archive employee

Position, full namePhone
(city code - 834275)
St. specialist of the 1st category Stepanov Alexey Vladimirovich3-16-35
3-12-52 fax
on a first-come, first-served basis during business hours.
The order of reception for all categories of visitors - on a common basis.

Responsible for organizing and submitting court cases Responsible for organization and procedure for presenting court cases in civil, administrative and criminal cases for review in the courtroom in accordance with the requirements of the Instructions on Court Records

Position, full namePhone
(city code - 834275)
St. specialist of the 1st category
Zheltisheva Yulia Vladimirovna
3-12-52 fax

Grounds for empowering judges
Chairman of the court Yarushin Igor Vasilyevich. Grounds for vesting the powers of a judge: Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 08.06.2020 No. 377 "On the appointment of judges of district courts . . . " for a six-year term of office.
Federal Judges:
Yarushina Alevtina Anatolyevna. Grounds for vesting the powers of a judge: Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of July 25, 2007 No. 965 "On the appointment of judges of district courts. . . ".
Bragin Yury Vladimirovich. Grounds for vesting the powers of a judge: Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 02.01.2015 No. 4 "On the appointment of judges of district courts. . . ".

Composition of the Court
Reception, tel. (34275) 3-24-61
Chairman of the court Yarushin Igor Vasilyevich, tel. (34275) 3-16-31
Judges of the Court
Yarushina Alevtina Anatolyevna, tel. (34275) 3-24-96
Bragin Yury Vladimirovich, tel. tel. tel. (34275) 3-14-05
Natalya Nikolaevna Kuznetsova (assigned to Judge Yu. V. Bragin), tel. tel. (34275) 3-12-32
Natalya Pavlovna Tsepilova (assigned to the chairman of the court I. V. Yarushin), tel. (34275) 3-12-32
Yarushina Svetlana Igorevna (assigned to Judge Yu. V. Bragin), tel. (34275) 3-12-32
Court administrator Shestakova Yulia Sergeevna, tel. (34275) 3-18-65
Chief specialist Shiryaeva Natalya Klimentievna, tel. (34275) 3-12-52
Chancery for civil, criminal and administrative cases
Yulia Vladimirovna Zheltysheva, tel. (34275) 3-16-35
Stepanov Alexey Vladimirovich, tel. (34275) 3-16-35
Tel. /fax for citizens' appeal
tel. (34275) 3-12-52

Powers of the district court:

  • administration of justice in the proceedings of the first instance and appeal of civil, criminal cases and cases of administrative offenses. Consideration of cases in the district court at first instance is carried out individually or jointly. Consideration of cases on appeal is carried out by a district court judge alone;
  • consideration of all civil cases, with the exception of cases under the jurisdiction of military courts and other specialized courts, middle-level courts and the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation;
  • consideration of the majority of criminal cases, with the exception of those referred to the jurisdiction of a justice of the peace, middle-level courts and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation;
  • control over the actions of bodies involved in the identification and disclosure of crimes; decisions in civil cases, judgments in criminal cases in the part relating to the satisfaction of civil claims and confiscation of property;
  • request for the execution of sentences that have entered into force.

District courts currently function as courts of first instance, but the legislation provides for the possibility of their work as a court of second (appeal) instance.

Free legal assistance is provided by the Perm Territory State Bureau of State Institution and lawyers to privileged categories of citizens (low-income citizens, disabled people of groups I and II , invalids and veterans of the Great Patriotic War, orphans, adoptive parents and others).
Assistance is provided in the form of consulting in oral and written form, drawing up applications, complaints, petitions and other documents of a legal nature and representing the interests of courts, state and municipal authorities, organizations on:
1) transactions with real estate, state registration of rights to this property;
2) provision of housing intended for the residence of orphans and children left without parental care, persons from among orphans and children left without parental care;
3) protection of rights consumers (in terms of the provision of public services);
4) labor relations;
5) the provision of social support measures (payments, benefits), pensions;
6) family legal relations (alimony, adoption, etc. . );
7) rehabilitation of citizens affected by political repression;
8) disability; medical and social expertise and rehabilitation of the disabled.
Places of reception of citizens of the GKU "State Bureau of the Perm Territory"
Kungur, st. Vorovskogo, 2, t. (34271) 2 49 97
p. Suksun, st. Kolkhoznaya, 4, Center for legal and civic activity of the MU "TsBS".
For information on the dates and times of admission, please call 8(34275)3-13-72, Vozyakova Natalya Petrovna. Reference information by phone: 8 (342) 212-12-61.
Reception is conducted by Shestakov Igor Gennadievich, tel. 89519412872
Address of GKU "State Legal Bureau of the Perm Territory": 614000, Perm, st. Ekaterininskaya, 24.
The list of lawyers providing free legal assistance is posted on the official website of the Agency for Justice and Magistrates of the Perm Territory in the section "Free Legal Assistance": www. mirust. permkrai. en
You can also clarify the address and contact details of a lawyer by calling the Bar Association of the Perm Territory 8 (342) 210-31-61

Video conference call
In the Suksunsky District Court of the Perm Territory, located at the address: Perm Territory, the village of Suksun, st. Karl Marx 13, the software and hardware complexes of the HQS GAS "Pravosudie", connected to the departmental data transmission network of the GAS "Pravosudie", one courtroom No. 1 is equipped. Justice” The Suksunsky District Court of the Perm Territory maintains a register of scheduled court hearings using the videoconferencing system.
The person responsible for the organization of the videoconferencing is Tatiana Sergeevna Vinokurova, assistant judge of the Suksun district court, telephone (34275) 3-24-61.
The person responsible for the technical support of the videoconferencing system is Nikolai Alexandrovich Nazarov, a court consultant, telephone (34271) 3-24-61.
The time difference is: Moscow city +2 hours.

State duty (details for paying the state fee when applying to the district court):
Recipient: Interdistrict Federal Tax Service of Russia No. 6 for the Perm Territory
TIN: 5918003420
PPP 591801001 OKTMO 57731000
R/account 40102810145370000048
K/C 03100643000000015600
Recipient Bank: Department Perm
Beach 015773997
KBK: 182108030100110501 10
Payment Name: state duty on cases heard in courts of general jurisdiction

Requisites for paying the state fee when filing a complaint with the Perm Regional Court

RecipientOffice of the Federal Treasury for the Perm Territory (IFTS of Russia for the Leninsky District of Perm)
Single Treasury Account401 028 101 453 700 000 48
Treasury account031 006 430 000 000 156 00
Beneficiary's bankPerm Branch, Perm
KBK182 108 030 100 110 501 10
Name of paymentPaying the state fee

Requisites for paying the state fee when filing a complaint with the Seventh Court of Cassation of General Jurisdiction

Name of the payeeUFK for the Chelyabinsk Region (IFTS of Russia for the Central District Chelyabinsk)
TIN of the tax authority and its name7453040999
OKTMO code75701390
Single treasury account 40102810645370000062
Treasury account number03100643000000016900
Beneficiary's bankBRANCH OF CHELYABINSK BANK OF RUSSIA/UFK in the Chelyabinsk region, Chelyabinsk
Polu UFK for the Chelyabinsk Region (IFTS of Russia for the Central District of Chelyabinsk)
Budget classification code (BCC)18210803010011050110
Name of paymentState duty to court

SMS notifications
In the courts of the Perm Territory, a system has been introduced to notify participants in legal proceedings via SMS – messages that can be used in all types of administrative, criminal and civil proceedings. Via SMS – messages, the judicial authorities can notify the plaintiffs, defendants, witnesses, experts, translators and other persons participating in the case, transmitting information about the time, date, place of the hearing, unscheduled postponements of the hearing, changes in the composition of the judges.
One of the main principles of using SMS notifications is the principle of voluntariness, i.e. they can be sent only with the prior written consent of the participants in the proceedings. To do this, participants in legal proceedings are offered this method of notification at the first appearance in court. If a person agrees, he fills out a special receipt form.

All the necessary information - about the announcement of a competition for filling vacancies in the civil service in the court apparatus (including qualification requirements for specific positions, deadlines for accepting documents, etc.), publication of information about the results of competitions, as well as about formation of the reserve, is published in the Perm regional newspaper Zvezda, and on the website of the Office of the Judicial Department of the Perm Territory. Information about the composition of the competition commission, about the procedure for its work, the results of competitions can be obtained from the department of public service and staffing of the Office of the Judicial Department in the Perm Territory.
The Office of the Judicial Department has also created and operates a commission for compliance with the requirements for official conduct of federal civil servants of the courts of the Perm Territory. You can get all the information about the commission and its work in the Office
In the Suksunsky District Court: 617560, Perm Territory, town. Suksun, st. K. Marx, 13, tel. (34275) 3-12-52, chief specialist – Shiryaeva Natalya Klimentievna
In the Office of the Judicial Department in the Perm Territory: 614016, Perm, st. Petropavlovskaya, 16a
tel. : ((342)201-33-70
Official site: usd. perm. sudrf. en

Responsible for media relations
Assistant judge Kuznetsova Natalya Nikolaevna
tel 8(34275)3-24-61